The stunning revelations about the Paul Pogba affair

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For the general public, it all started at the end of August with an enigmatic and threatening message from Mathias Pogba to his brother Paul. He announced big revelations to come about questionable maneuvers by the French midfielder, in particular about Kylian Mbappé. A stroke of pressure broadcast on social networks which first suggested a sad story of jealousy within the family clan. But very quickly, the revelation of a complaint lodged by Paul Pogba exposed the true nature of the conflict, namely a sordid case of extortion.

In a survey published on Friday, The world dissects the story and offers a very documented story behind the scenes of this song, ultimately suffered by all the members of the Pogba family. Everything starts on the famous March 19, with a return from Pogba to Roissy-en-Brie to visit his childhood friends, and in particular the due Boub’s and his brother Adama. Then lands another acquaintance, Roushdane, in the company of his brother Machikour. He seems to have another objective in mind, to invite Pogba to get rid of his driver. The band goes to Montévrain in an apartment rented by Adama, where Mam’s is already, Paul Pogba’s former handyman in Manchester.

It is there, as we have learned in recent weeks, that the tone is rising. Roushdane tells the other three people to leave the room to be alone with Adama and Paul Pogba. Then disembark two hooded and armed men. The rest is told by the French international to the investigators. “Roushdane told me that they were my protectors because, according to him, bandits wanted to extort me or kidnap me. And that I had to pay them. The two guys cocked their guns and pointed their guns at me telling me I had to pay or everyone would be in danger. They asked me for 13 million euros, 3 million in cash and 10 million in transfer. Being robbed at gunpoint, I told them I was going to pay. »

Mathias Pogba, collateral victim or member of the scheme?

The world reveals other rather mind-blowing episodes which testify to the constant pressure maintained on Paul Pogba, who slaloms between promises of payment and various compensations (like during an incredible financial trip from Machikour and Adama to a Parisian adidas store). Finally, faced with this status quo, the “friends” of Paul Pogba put his brother Mathias in the mood at the beginning of July. It is therefore at this moment that the big brother, twin of Florentin, enters the dance. He goes to Turin with 4 of the protagonists of the story to confront them with his brother but this one does not answer and therefore seems to consider at that moment that his brother is part of the scheme.

Paul Pogba no longer responds to his brother, and The world publishes in his investigation a terrible voice message left by Mathias, who, the day before, had been held up by two hooded men telling him to remind his brother to pay the €13 million. “I almost shouted, motherfucker, call me back right away, hurry up, (…) otherwise I’ll take care of your image and, wallah, you’ll regret that all your life. » It’s July 31, less than a month before Mathias’ first videos. These videos would have been shot in the presence of Roushdane and Machikour near Caen, but as explained The worldthe investigation does not yet say if Mathias is a collateral victim or if he has been involved from the start in this extortion affair.

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