The staff of the Blues knew since March

RMC Sport has obtained the minutes of the hearing of the police officer in charge of the security of the France team who was heard on August 9 by investigators from the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime.

The security and liaison officer with the FFF begins by describing his missions with the Blues: “I carry out security and liaison missions with the partners of the Federation and as such I am functionally attached to the team. of France A. I am part of the staff of the team.”

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The policeman in charge of the security of the Blues is a central member of the management of the France team. He then returns to the first confidences of Paul Pogba on the extortion attempts of which he is the victim. “For a few months I have seen Paul quite worrying and unable to take the plunge, confides the security manager to the investigators. It was at the start of the year, around March, he told me that he experienced a particularly difficult situation. First by telephone and then in an exchange at Clairefontaine. What scared him a lot is that he knows around him that it exists. He told me quite evasive that he had already offered restaurants etc… But he was afraid of being considered a snitch.”

“He told me that he wanted the help of France to make it stop”

“He told me that he was not well and that people wanted him badly, he explains, on August 9 in front of the investigators. They demanded large sums from him. He told me quite determined that he was no longer living and that he wanted it to stop. It implied too large proportions and it affected his close family and in particular his mother.”

Then the head of security of the Blues returns to the advice he gave to Paul Pogba in the management of this file. “As part of my role, I told him that I couldn’t keep it to myself and that I had to forward this information. He told me that he wanted France’s help to make it happen. stop. He then explained to me that people had told him that they were protecting him and that they now wanted the money. I asked him to explain to me and to know how we could see them.”

To this question of the security officer of the Blues, Paul Pogba gives clues about the individuals. “He replied that they are in Dubai. He explained that there is a contact on the front line in France and that these people had approached him directly and that they are also using his brother Mathias to make the liaison. Among these people, there would be an individual who would have been convicted of murder and forcible confinement.”

Pogba ‘feared for his wife and children who lived’ in Manchester

The investigators relaunch the police officers in charge of the security of the Blues: “What is his relationship with his brother?” Answer: “Today he cut ties with his brother.” Relaunch of the police: “Following these events?” The tricolor staff member replies: “Yes, I think it was as a result of that. And after inquiring with his agent Rafaella, it seems that his brother reproached him for not involving him in the film. Amazon.”

The hearing drags on with the broadcast of excerpts of communications between Paul and his brother. The police officer in charge of the security of the Blues continues: “What I learned then is that these people even went to his house in Manchester. He feared for his wife and children who lived there. was between the events of March and July in Turin. I advised him to put a security device in front of the places where his family resides. As he knew that he was going to go to Turin he told me that he was going consider for Italy. Paul remained fairly generic on dates and the thread of events.”

Before adding: “And told me that the will of these individuals was to be paid for the protection that they would have brought him all this time (…) He told me that they were people from the neighborhood. didn’t mention any names to me. Rafaella (her agent) after discussing some with her told me that she knew some of them that she had even received.”

“I noticed around Paul, a group of young people who were not from his family but who circled around him with an attitude that had gotten my attention”

The investigators then question the head of security for the Blues to find out if Paul Pogba had already given in to the demands. “He told me that he financed a restaurant and that he contributed to the project.”

Another question from the OCLCO investigators: “Did he express that these people had been able to render him services?” “At no time, because when I talk to him about the subject and he talks to me about protection, I ask him if there was a contract or if it’s a real security company. I then knew that Paul I noticed around Paul in the various matches of the France team, a group of young people who were not of his family but who circled around him with an attitude which had provided my attention and had provided invitations in official area.”

“Can you tell us about the episode of visiting his mother on the weekend of July 31?” ask the police. “I was informed by Paul and Rafaella that several people including Mathias, his brother, came to Paul’s mother’s home, says the FFF liaison officer. Paul and Rafaella then asked me if he was possible to put a security service and I had a group from the company with which we are used to working.”

Before concluding: “Five or six people came to the mother’s home with Mathias to say that they had to pay and that they were afraid. I would point out that the security service dispatched by the company arrived on the scene and that the protagonists were already inside the home (…) the group of people came out during the afternoon.” During his hearing, the police officer in charge of the security of the Blues does not specify at any time whether he alerted his superiors.

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