the SPA desperate in the face of the record number of animal abandonments

Since the beginning of the summer, more than 12,000 abandoned animals have been collected in the structures of the SPA. This is 1,400 more than last year on the same date. “The drama is here while the summer is far from over!” Warns the animal protection association on Twitter.

“It’s demoralizing”

There is only one box left available in this kennel. 70 dogs are distributed in these long alleys lined with fences. AurĂ©lie is team leader at the Orgeval refuge. “It’s catastrophic”, she testifies at the microphone of Europe 1. “We have very few adoptions because people have gone on vacation. Unfortunately, the requests for abandonment do not stop. We do not manages more to take care of and it is very complicated for us, morally, and for the animals too”. Requests for abandonment which are increasing in this summer period. Whether for dogs or cats. Every day, there are nearly a dozen of them.

“The vast majority of dropouts occur from people who are clearly not responsible”, underlines AurĂ©lie. “What do I do with my animal when I go on vacation? And that, people don’t think about it. He doesn’t think…

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