The singer from Chartres, Alice Animal, launches into film music

The Chartrain singer Alice Animal continues her singular artistic journey which leads her to new horizons.

A year and a half after the release of his album Tandemthe guitarist has lent her talent to that of another singer with a prestigious past.
Alice Animal indeed appears on several titles of Scherzando, the new album from Kent, the voice of Starshooter. On this disc, she is also involved in the composition of two titles.

The soundtrack of a documentary on motherhood

This collaboration is not a first, since the two have already played together, notably on a haunted cover of scary monstersa David Bowie classic.

Chartres singer Alice Animal releases her new album, Tandem

Alice Animal even provided a few duets on stage with the punk legend, especially last week in the Parisian hall of the Café de la danse.
More surprisingly, she also signed, for the first time, the soundtrack of a documentary entitled The shadow of motherswhich deals with motherhood.

The singer of Chartres origin Alice Animal appeals to the generosity of Internet users

This feature film, directed by Murielle Labrosse, has not yet been released in theaters, but is starting to make itself known, especially at festivals.

Known for her explosive and very rock’n’roll style, Alice Animal has explored another facet of her talent, by playing on atmospheres.

To see her in concert under her own name, on the other hand, we will have to wait, because no date is yet planned for the moment in Eure-et-Loir.

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