The Shar-Pei, a robust dog in search of affection

The origins of the Shar-Pei

To understand the origins of the Shar-Pei, you have to go back more than 2000 years, to the Han period (about 200 years BC to 200 years AD). Statuettes representing this breed of dog have been found during excavations. More specifically, the Shar-Pei was born in southern China, in the province of Guangdong. In Mandarin, his name means “folded skin”. This dog has always been considered rustic, accustomed to the countryside and having long belonged to the peasant class.

In the past, the Shar-Pei was used as a fighting dog. But new breeds like bulldogs and mastiffs replaced it. The “folded-skin” dog could have gone extinct in the 1960s, but enthusiasts saved the Shar-Pei from extinction.

Shar-Pei physique

  • Size: between 44 and 51 cm (female or male);
  • weight: between 18 and 25 kg (female or male);
  • hair: short, hard and bristly;
  • hair color: plain coat, sometimes light shades on the tail and the posterior part of the thighs;
  • head shape: large in relation to the rest of the body;
  • shape and color of the eyes: almond-shaped, dark in color;
  • shape of the ears: triangular, slightly rounded;
  • other particularities: thick tail at the base.

The character of the Shar-Pei

The Shar-Pei is a calm, gentle and kind dog. It is the ideal pet: it gets along well with children and with other animals. His education is easy, because the Shar-Pei is anything but stubborn and he loves to please its owner ! This dog can absolutely live in an apartment: he can even stay alone without getting bored or doing stupid thingss. Be careful, the Shar-Pei must have been accustomed to this way of life from an early age.

Shar-Pei Health

In general, the Shar-Pei is known to have poor health. Its hard coat and many folds make it prone to various skin problems (infections, irritations, etc.). Another fragility: the eyes! The Shar-Pei can suffer from ectropion, namely the free eversion of the eyelid outwards. According to the OFA, Orthopedic foundation for animalsalmost a third of Shar-Pei would be affected by ophthalmic problems, and about 40% by dental problems.

Finally, about a quarter of dogs of this breed are affected by Shar-Pei family fever, according to Doctor Luc Beco (exactly 23% of Shar-Pei in a population living in the United States): this pathology is caused by localized inflammation, often in the joints (53% of cases). The Shar-Pei lives between 10 and 12 years. A adapted and personalized foodbased on excellent quality croquettes is essential.

Shar-Pei price

You have to pay 800 to 1300 € to buy a Shar-Pei. Add between 1100 and 1200 € for annual maintenance.

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