the sale of the club has gone wrong

Following the revelations of the newspaper The Team on July 18, the sale of the Angers SCO to the American investment fund Global Football Corporation (GFC) could not take place. Saïd Chabane, president of the SCO, spoke last May on the development of the sale of his club. The club was valued at €65m and the deal should have been completed before the end of August. However, according to the French newspaper, a lack of means existed for this investment fund.

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The Angevin president spoke during the presentation of the new Saint-Léonard stand at the Raymond-Kopa stadium, and put an end to the discussions around this affair: ” the equity investment that was planned when we initiated the (sales) project is no longer relevant. “In addition, Saïd Chabane explained the end of the sale of his club which he has owned since 2011: “ we discovered the article in L’Equipe, which is unfortunately a truth. A fund that was in the group that was to take over withdrew for governance issues. »

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