The Saint-Hubert, a massive, sweet and endearing dog

The origins of the Saint-Hubert dog

Legend has it that the Saint-Hubert dog arrived in England with William the Conqueror. In France, this breed would have disappeared after the Revolution. He waited for the XIXe century for his return: Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, integrates bloodhounds (or “blood dogs”) into his packs. Le Couteulx de Canteleu, breeder of dogs and specialist in hunting with hounds, has largely gained from the revival of this breed. Across the Channel, the Saint-Hubert dog is greatly appreciated for its flair. He is often involved in the search for missing persons and prison escapees. This breed has also entered the French gendarmerie teams for its developed sense of smell.

The physique of the Saint-Hubert dog

  • size: between 58 and 66 cm (female) and between 64 and 72 cm (male);
  • weight: between 40 and 48 kg (female) and between 46 and 54 kg (male);
  • hair: short, soft, dense, longer on the underside of the tail;
  • hair color: two-tone (black and tan or liver and tan) or one-color red (light or dark);
  • head shape: massive, high, noble. Supple skin more abundant in the male;
  • eye shape and color: medium in size, oval in shape and dark brown or hazel in color;
  • shape of the ears: thin, set low, drooping;
  • other particularities: thick tail which tapers towards the tip.

The character of the Saint-Hubert dog

If the Saint-Hubert dog is above all a hunting dog, it is also an excellent companion animal and a friend for man. Known for his kindness, gentleness and loyalty, he coexists wonderfully with children and other animals.

This dog, however, needs a strict education, but not aggressive! It is an intelligent and obedient animal that needs to live in a house with outdoor space. His master must be available and active.

The health of the Saint-Hubert dog

The Saint-Hubert dog is a large, robust and resistant dog. However, it requires increased monitoring for ocular pathologies.

Include ectropion, namely the eversion of the free edge of the eyelid outward. This is a deformation that makes the mucosa more exposed and more sensitive. It causes thick tearing and inflammation of the eye. According to a report by VCA Veterinary Hospitalsa group of American veterinarians, Saint-Hubert dogs are among the 11 dog breeds most likely to develop this condition. But this pathology can be treated well: the study Entropion of the lower eyelid in the dog: a modified technique of the combined Hotz-Celsus procedure and wedge resection shows that in 61 dogs with ectropion, corrective surgery was successful in 98.4% of cases.

The Saint-Hubert dog lives between 10 and 12 years. A personalized food is recommendedbased on low-fat kibble for avoid any risk of overweight.

The price of the Saint-Hubert dog

You have to pay between 900 and 1,100 euros to acquire a Saint-Hubert dog. Count 800 euros for its annual maintenance.

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