The RN will (finally) vote the motion of censure of the Nupes against the government budget

A rapprochement of circumstance with the other side of the hemicycle. The leader of the deputies RN Marine Le Pen announced, Monday, October 24 in the National Assembly, that her group was going to vote in favor of the motion of censure tabled by the Nupes against the government budget.

A return of situation for the finalist of the last presidential election, which had announced last week its intention not to vote a motion of censure carried by Nupes.

The RN group of 88 deputies also supports its own motion of censure after the government resorted to Article 49.3 of the constitution. The party’s initiative will not be supported by Nupes.

Not much to fear for the government

The votes of the RN and Nupes deputies alone are not enough to reach an absolute majority in the Assembly, and therefore to bring down the government. Only a reinforcement of LR deputies could make the executive waver.

But the parliamentarians of this group explained that they did not vote for motions of censure “not to add disorder to disorder”. A single motion of censure concerning the creation of the Fifth Republic, in 1958.

At the podium, Marine Le Pen said she was not afraid of “threats of dissolution” from the executive. The two motions of censure of the Nupes and the RN are at the heart of the debates on Monday, October 24 in the National Assembly.

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