the rescued whale could run aground again


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The slowdown was short-lived. The whale which was rescued and released Tuesday in Finistère, is again near a beach in Douarnenez. The NGO Sea Shepherd fears that the whale will run aground again.

For hours, on the night of Monday September 19 to Tuesday September 20, volunteers from the Sea Shepherd association were busy around the whale stranded on a beach in Finistère. They dug with their hands to try to free a channel to the high seas. Two backhoes then widened the trench, allowing the 12-meter-long whale not to be injured, to allow the tide to rise to the animal in order to return it to the sea.

The whale was able to reach the waters. However, Monday, September 19 in the morning, the scenario was pessimistic. The mammal washed up on a beach, trapped in a few feet of water and unable to move. The rescue carried out, the whale is not quite out of the woods yet. Indeed, it was photographed Tuesday, September 20 in the morning still too close to the coast. The associations are already preparing for a second rescue operation.

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