The relay, a device to allow caregivers to breathe

2016, the role of caregivers since or family caregivers is recognized as a status in its own right because they have a major place in supporting people with loss of autonomy.

In France, millions of caregivers regularly take care of an elderly or disabled loved one, with consequences on their life: difficulties in reconciling their private or professional life, financial difficulties, exhaustion, psychological impact…

For these reasons, caregivers sometimes need to entrust their dependent loved one to a professional worker to rest for a few hours or a few days.

In February 2019, the national experimentation of the “relay device” was introduced.

The principle ? A professional ” specially trained » : can temporarily take over from the family carer at home for a period of 24 hours to seven days.

These “relays” are versatile and have varied profiles (caregiver, nurse, educational and social support, specialized educators, psychomotor therapists). They work with the elderly as well as with young adults or disabled children.

In the Hautes-Alpes, the Edit Seltzer foundation covers the entire territory of the Hautes-Alpes and supports all carers, whatever their age and their problem.

In Paca, nearly 300,000 caregivers accompany a loved one who is losing their autonomy every day. the start-up, 6,000 caregivers provided the relay device. At the same time, 10,000 carers benefited from a respite offer.

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