The refuge of an animal protection association was in fact “the farm of horror”

On July 28, the DDPP (Departmental Directorate for the Protection of the Population) presented itself with a team of the gendarmerie of Châtellerault in front of the refuge of the SEPAV association (Secours environnement animal protection Vienne). For several years, the inhabitants of Scorbé-Clairvaux have been complaining about the noise pollution produced by the complaints of everyday animals and by the bad smells that appear from the premises of the association.

The prefecture, which had noted numerous breaches of the obligations of a refuge like this, decided to seize the animals for poor animal detention conditions, no identification or vaccination of the animals, lack of authorization opening of the establishment and failure to respect the arrival register.

After seeing the state in which the premises and the animals of the refuge were, the DDPP appealed to another association of Châtellerault so that it could take care of the poor animals kept on site.

Among these animals, a dozen dogs who were dying of hunger and thirst, cats, birds and barnyard animals.

Other species whose keeping is subject to special or even prohibited regulations have also been discovered, such as wild rabbits, wild ducks or Florida turtles.

Worse still, the investigations revealed many dead animals of all kinds on the property, including a very large number of chicken carcasses.

One of the witnesses to the scene interviewed by the media described the place as a “farm of horror” in view of the number of species of animals left abandoned on the spot.

The management of the association did not wish to answer questions from journalists following this atrocious discovery.


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