The Raid arrests an ex-soldier entrenched at his home in Cahors

Raid police officers arrested Sunday, June 19, without causing injuries, a 45-year-old former soldier who had remained holed up at his home in Cahors for five hours, we informed the prosecution.

Her company had told the police that this man had assaulted her, before hiding armed at his home in the center of Cahors. After arresting him, the Raid searched the premises and found a rifle “of garden“Which must be appraised, four 12mm cartridges and bladed weapons, Cahors prosecutor Alexandre Rossi told AFP.

After five hours of difficult intervention, with the heat and the environment of a city center (…), the individual was arrested, without injuries and without the use of force“, welcomed for his part the divisional commissioner Patrick Meynier, director of the national police of the Lot. He also stressed the need to have recourse to professionals specialized in this type of intervention, such as the Raid police officers, because it was a potentially dangerous person, for himself or for others.

After his arrest, the man was taken to the hospital to check if he suffers from any psychiatric problems, said the prosecutor.


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