the public can now see the baby jaguar

A birth resulting from the European program for endangered species

It’s been five years since Mato, an 8-year-old male jaguar, and Catalina, a 7-year-old female, met at the Bordeaux-Pessac zoo. A couple formed thanks to the assistance of the EEP (Eaza-Ex-situ Program) : a European program for endangered species which promotes and supports the breeding of endangered species while respecting the genetic heritage of the species.

This is how the parents of the little ball of hair became a “very loving and close-knit” couple, according to Claire Dibon, the zoo’s communication manager.

But the mating didn’t happen right away, Mato, who was “shy” by nature, didn’t consummate this union right away. It will therefore have been necessary to wait almost five years and a hundred days of gestation to see this little male arrive, on Sunday August 28, 2022.

“Catalina is a very good mother, and her baby is still breastfed and is in great shape. He is a very good weight for his age.

A surprise baby

A few months ago, the keepers saw Catalina’s behavior change but “we weren’t sure she was pregnant. We refused to give her an ultrasound so as not to have to put her to sleep but also so as not to stress her with veterinary examinations. Arriving on a Sunday morning, it was a surprise”. For the moment, he does not yet have a first name, the healers are waiting for his 3 months to baptize him.

This is an exceptional birth: in 2021, six jaguar births took place in Europe as part of the EEP program. In France, two other jaguars were born in April 2022 at the Parrot World animal park in Seine-et-Marne.

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