The properties of our medicinal plants spark debate

Atoumo for the flu, Diapana for digestive disorders or Arada, an antiseptic that relieves toothaches or rheumatism, the medicinal properties of our plants are well known. They are part of the French and therefore European pharmacopoeia like about sixty other plants. From now on, they can be used in the composition of a medicine in any European country.

Atoumos with their pink and white flowers, Zeb à pic or citronella are the most popular local plants.

Their medicinal properties are recognized, and they are now part of the French and therefore European pharmacopoeia.

European and American laboratories are interested in the pharmacopoeia of tropical countries. The new patents integrate the molecules of our medicinal plants.

Cultivating, transforming, transporting, selling our “rimèd razyé” is also the prospect of creating an economic component that will create jobs.

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