The police publish a photo of their police dog but a detail sows confusion

On September 2, 2022, police in the city of Santander in Spain posted a photo on Twitter that caused confusion among Internet users.

In the photo, two police officers can be seen with their backs to the camera.

They are accompanied by their dog

The police face the sea and cross their arms over their chests to indicate that they remain vigilant. Indeed, the sea is certainly a magnificent landscape but it can also represent a danger.

The caption reads: “We start the day with this magnificent view. Have a good Friday”.

Between the two police officers, a police dog sits, also with his back to the camera and facing the sea.

Confusion reigns

But it’s this dog in particular that’s stirring the web. In the photo, we only see one body and yet two heads are present in the photo.

Is it an optical illusion and two dogs are actually standing alongside the police? Or are we the ones seeing trouble?

Internet users joked a lot on Twitter when commenting on the photo:

“Best Breathalyzer: So, how many doggies do you see?” ” amused a user.

“A dog with six legs and four ears? another person exclaimed.

The publication of the Santander police has been liked more than 900 times, and does not stop talking!

And you, do you think there are one or two dogs in the photo?

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