The police drop off two dogs at the shelter, 1 hour later the rescuers are hallucinating when they see them come back


Ludivine Mazzotti

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It all started when two police officers discovered a female dog and her puppy wandering around a part of town.

They keep them safe

The police took the dogs to the local SPA (Humane Society of Tampa Bay). They then returned to the scene to investigate the abandonment of the dogs.

On the spot, they noticed an abandoned closed suitcase… Screams came from inside.

Upon opening the small suitcase, they discovered 6 puppies piled on top of each other.

Back to the shelter

Officers returned to the shelter with the suitcase to drop off the six puppies and reunite them with their mother and brother. The seven puppies are only five weeks old.

Shelter volunteers welcomed the 6 puppies and thanked the police for returning to the scene.

The police have launched an appeal for witnesses from the inhabitants in order to collect all the information concerning this terrible abandonment.

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