the Orangerie zoo closes definitively on Saturday

The animals having all been evacuated since the announcement of the transformation of the Orangerie zoo, the City announces the closure of the premises as of Saturday.

The zoo, located in the Parc de l’Orangerie in Strasbourg, is closing its doors for good this Saturday. The City announces it in a press release published this Thursday following the upcoming transformation of the site into an “educational animal park”.

For several months, all the animals present in the zoo have been transferred to other structures. The ecological municipality had left until August 31 for the movement of animals despite the difficulties encountered in the face of “the war in Ukraine which leads to a priority reservation of places for animals evacuated from this country”.

A sanctioned closure

The closure of the zoo on Saturday was also decided in the face of “manifestations of surprise, and sometimes irritation, from the public noted by animal officials” while the animals were fewer and fewer over the weeks.

The city’s decision to close the premises, announced in June 2021, had provoked criticism from the Association of Friends of the Zoo recalling its role in “species conservation” for the future. A request retained after this announcement had collected more than 2,600 signatures.

The City of Strasbourg wishes to soon offer new activities in these places around “animal well-being, the discovery of the park’s wildlife and footprint trails”.

A call for applications must be published in the fall “to determine the future activities of the site which would start by the end of 2023”, adds the municipality.

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