the Notaries of France propose to make direct successions between grandparents and grandchildren possible

The objective of this measure is to allow the younger generation to access property.

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The Notaries of France are asking to make direct successions between grandparents and grandchildren possible, as they approach their national congress which will take place in mid-October in Marseille, announces Alexandre Thurel, the general rapporteur of this congress, Tuesday, September 20 on France Inter. This proposal will be detailed this Tuesday in a press conference at the Higher Council of Notaries. The Notaries of France want to simplify the distribution of the inheritance between children and grandchildren.

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“Today, technically, that is not possible. When you inherit from your parents, you inherit the entire estate, explained Alexandre Thurel on France Inter. Our proposal, which we would like to see reflected in the law, is that an inheriting parent can say that they want their child to inherit.”

The objective of this proposal is to enable the young generation to be able to access easier to the property: “Today, we inherit more and more later, around 50 or 55 years old. At 55, we no longer really need to have the financial capacity to buy,” adds the general rapporteur of the Congress of Notaries of France.

“Today, the younger generations are struggling to buy their first home, he continues. We would like that when people inherit at 50 or 55, they can transfer part of this inheritance to the generation below so that they benefit from the capital now.

The 118th Congress of Notaries of France will take place from October 12 to 14 in Marseille.

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