The mysterious animal seen in the Seine would be a beluga

A mysterious animal had been spotted in the Seine on Tuesday August 2. After identification work carried out jointly by the services of the French Office for Biodiversity and the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations, the animal was identified. According to a press release published by the Eure prefecture, it should be a beluga, ” a protected species of cetacean normally living in arctic, subarctic waters and in the St. Lawrence estuary in Quebec. »

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The prefecture calls on the population to stay away from the site and the animal

Also known as the white whale, the beluga normally measures 4 m and weighs around 1,400 kg when fully grown. For the moment, no information on the age, nor any description of the animal has been given. ” An assessment of his state of health is underway in order to take appropriate measures to optimize his chances of survival. “, explains the press release. Everything is done to prevent the cetacean from suffering the same fate as the killer whale seen in the Seine. The marine animal seen last May was finally found dead a few days later. Unlike the killer whale, the beluga is able to survive a few days in fresh water. However, the prefecture asks the population not to move around the site or try to approach the beluga in order to ” do not stress the animal during the information gathering phase “.

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