The Monein parties are back after a two-year absence

A highly anticipated return by the Moneinchons, but not only! The Monein festivities start this Thursday August 4th, they will last until Monday August 8th. On the program, an exceptional concert by the Basque group “Huntza”, a demonstration of Landes racing and cow games, but also the long-awaited Jurançon wine tasting. The festivities had not taken place since 2019, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A long-awaited return

The inhabitants of the commune have not seen the party for two years. In any case, Bertrand Vergez-Pascal, the mayor, was in a hurry. “These are two years that have been long because they are two blank years, he explains. I think it’s safe to say, though it may be a bit proud of me, but I think these are the biggest parties in Béarn. I know that the presidents of the festival committees like to make comparisons with the Bayonne festivals.

Two white years where the teams lost their touch a bit, we had to get back to it. “For the municipality, as for the teams in charge of the installation, there were automatisms, there were cogs in the set up of the Monein feasts which were well acted, says the mayor. The two years have passed, the teams have been renewed. For me and for all the municipal teams, these are the very first parties.“Bertrand Vergez-Pascal expects people, between 10,000 and 15,000 visitors.

Tasting Jurançon wines as the highlight of the show

If there is indeed an expected animation, it’s wine tasting sunday. More than twenty winegrowers will hold stands with their bottles. Pascal Labasse is a winemaker in the town, at Domaine Bellegarde. He is also the co-president of the agricultural show which organizes the tasting. For him, it is the key event of the holidays. “It’s the highlight, it’s obvious, he describes. With all due respect to my friends on the holiday committee, who move around a lot, but it’s true that this moment of conviviality is really expected.”

According to him, even if it has not always been the case, there will be very good wine in the glasses. “In the beginning, when I was a kid, often the winegrowers brought their bad vintages. They thought it was the right time to sell low quality wines, says Pascal Labasse, all smiles. I can tell you that has changed! All the winegrowers now bring their beautiful vintages, it allows people to taste beautiful wines and not be drunk at the end of the tastings. There was a person who said, “itare moments of “drunkenness”, not drunkenness“That’s a nice word!

Useful information

The parties therefore start this Thursday evening at 8 p.m. with the evening of the cafetiers. The entire program can be found at Monein town hall website. Most of the activities offered are free.

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