the major issues of the Social Security budget

Retreats: the chef’s surprise

Unthinkable two weeks ago, the hypothesis of a “parametric” reform (legal age or contribution period) in the Social Security financing bill arose thanks to the latest report of the Orientation Council for pensions.

Arguing about future deficits, the government is thinking enough about taking advantage of the opportunity to keep Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise. The measure should not, however, appear in the initial text but would be added by amendment, during the examination of the text in the Assembly in October.

But the executive has not yet decided, because the budgetary route does not allow certain subjects to be addressed such as the special regimes, which the Head of State has undertaken to abolish. This would force us to put the work back on the job, at the risk of repeated social conflicts.

Deficit: beware of the fall

The latest expectations, defined in June, are counting on a loss of 16.8 billion this year, admittedly still colossal, but less than forecast in the budget voted in December.

Except that the horizon has darkened for 2023, with growth revised downwards and inflation revised upwards by the government. A context that is not very conducive to the recovery of social accounts, especially since health spending will still increase by at least 3.5% – or more than 8 billion additional.

Hospitals: the bill soars

Health establishments are not immune to soaring prices: energy, food, cleaning… The Federation of Public Hospitals (FHF) has already requested an extension of one billion euros. And it will probably be necessary to get back to the pot in 2023, just to compensate for the expected increases in gas and electricity prices.

The private sector also, financed by Social Security, is not to be outdone and is calling for a boost to catch up with inflation, but also public wage increases. The Health Insurance will however have to keep a margin of maneuver for the negotiation of a new agreement with the liberal doctors.

Covid: a precautionary dose

With an eighth epidemic wave and a new vaccine reminder campaign, it is difficult to imagine stopping the costs on December 31. The budget should therefore logically include a provision for tests, vaccines, sick leave and other additional hospital costs attributable to Covid.

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