the lack of staff pushes the company EasyJet to cancel flights


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C. Tixier, L. Campisi, L. Trihan-Coignard, S. Guibout, A. Lo Cascio, Y. Kadouch -France 3

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The EasyJet company is faced with a dilemma, it cannot accommodate the number of passengers proposed, due to lack of staff. The lack of manpower is felt on the ground, as well as in the air.

As the summer holidays approach, EasyJet could cut many flights. Tuesday, June 21, at Roissy airport, passengers are concerned. “They sell tickets, but they can’t keep the flights going. It’s terrible”, says one of them. Some are considering changing companies. Air traffic is picking up faster than expected and the airports are already full. However, manpower is lacking, on the ground and in the planes.

EasyJet, which laid off during the Covid-19 pandemic, today lacks air hostesses and stewards, personnel who are difficult to recruit. “These personnel, we cannot simply recruit them overnight, it requires training (…) now, they are facing this wall, where they had planned a little too many flights compared to their capacity”, assures Xavier Tytelman, aeronautical consultant at Starbust France. In recent weeks, EasyJet has transported nearly 250 000 passengers per day in Europe.

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