the incredible public unpacking of Mathias, violent accusations against Paul!

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A few weeks ago now, Mathias Pogba had lit the fire of the Pogba affair with sulphurous announcements via social networks on a dispute between him and his brother Paul. The case has since taken a legal turn with the revelation of the extortion attempt of which Paul Pogba would have been the victim for several months, with in particular the threat of an armed gang in a Parisian apartment in March.

A case where after having taken the lead quickly, Mathias Pogba was implicated, placed in police custody and then in detention for having been one of the supposed sponsors of this dark story. But this Pogba affair is experiencing a spectacular turn this Friday morning, with a great public unpacking of Mathias! The latter had obviously programmed his very long version of the story on his Twitter account and it has been published automatically since.

With several messages and videos, Mathias Pogba attacks his brother head-on with strong sentences – “Isn’t it because wealth and fame have been designated by virtue of Epstein, Weinstein, R.Kelly, Mendy and many others have been able to prosper with impunity for decades” – but also to his lawyer Rafaela Pimenta or his “state” sponsor.

Accusing Paul Pogba of lying, of having called in a team to intimidate him or even the accused of having treated a relative like a slave, Mathias Pogba therefore creates a new earthquake in this very dark affair …

Mathias Pogba videos

to summarize

It is a new earthquake that will shake the Pogba affair this Friday. His brother Mathias, in what seems to be automatic publications, unpacked everything in the family dispute brought to light! With messages and videos to the channel.

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