The hilarious video of a Bengal cat having decided to “clean up” its owner’s bathroom

Cats have this annoying habit of knocking down anything on tables, desks or any surface that is accessible to them. In the video in question here, it is a shelf in the bathroom that a Bengal decided to empty in a few strokes.

Cats have many quirks that are hard to explain and understand. One of them is to push the objects they find on a table. The feline in question in the viral video relayed by Newsweek has chosen to express this “art” in the toilets of its owner.

You can see it in action in a video posted on ICT Tac on September 4 and has since gone viral, with 3 million views.

Shared by @ laterius5, it shows the animal, of the Bengal race, cleaning the bathroom in its own way. Quietly installed in the niche above the toilet bowl, he works to eliminate this storage space of everything that clutters it in his eyes.

In fact, the feline leaves absolutely nothing there. Nothing escapes his paws. Bottles, an automatic perfume diffuser and even a roll of toilet paper pay the price for the quadruped’s desire for deep cleaning.

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“Now it’s perfect”

They all fall into the bowl, the lid of which has, fortunately, been closed by the owner, who obviously does not want to have to fish them out as he has had to do in the past.

Fabulous. Before, it was too crowded. Now it’s perfect “, a commented user Sharon Zanghi. ” I told you time and time again not to put stuff on my ledge », a joker for his part Brent, assuming the role of the cat. And for Lissa Herndon Sudacats are great decorators. Still true to the minimalist look “.

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