The hilarious reaction of a cat discovering that its owner “cheated” on it with the feline of the neighbors (video)

Zahra’s cat did not appreciate the infidelities of his mistress at all, who “dared” to stroke another feline than him. That of the neighbors in this case. It is an animal both dumbfounded and incredulous who witnessed the scene from the window of his house. Will he find the strength to forgive her for this misconduct?

Can cats be jealous? They are the only ones who have the answer to this question. If attributing to them a feeling such as jealousy could be anthropomorphism, we can consider that they sometimes display behaviors that make one think of it.

When we see the attitude of the feline in question here, there is, indeed, reason to think that it happens to our 4-legged friends not to see with a good eye the rapprochement between their humans and other talks.

He is the protagonist of a video that has gone viral on ICT Tac, where it was posted on Friday, October 7. Since then, the sequence published by the user named Zahraa.k.a ” zarza786 », and relayed by Newsweek totals 1.7 million views on the social network.

Illustration of the article: The hilarious reaction of a cat discovering that its owner
@zarza786 / TikTok

The black gaze of the cat translates to its mistress

The video (below) recorded by the owner of this animal first shows her petting the neighbours’ ginger cat outside her home. The young woman then points the camera of her smartphone on the window of her house, where her companion in the black dress watched her “betrayal” motionless and with her eyes wide open, as if he could not believe what he see.


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? I w- Nathaniel

He clearly didn’t like what Zahra had the audacity to do it to him. Or perhaps he simply wanted to join them and be able to play and venture outside freely too? We will never be able to know what went through the cat’s head at that moment, but her reaction left no one indifferent among those who saw her on ICT Tac.


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