The headdresses of the royal guard soon made with fake fur?

A page has turned in the United Kingdom with the accession to the throne of King Charles III after the death of Queen Elizabeth II buried on Monday. Known for his strong ecological conscience, the new sovereign could break with a very old tradition. Royal Guards Headpieces are made from authentic Canadian black bear fur. A practice that bristles the hairs of the PETA association and which gave ideas to a French company.

A lighter hat

Ecopel, a maker of luxury faux furs, is offering to find an alternative and even provide the hat guards for free for a decade. The company, whose showroom is in Paris, has already created a prototype. It took him 18 months of work, explained entrepreneur Christopher Sarfati at the microphone of Europe 1.

“The size of the bear’s hair is 9.5 cm. For our fibres, we use hairs of more than 5 to 6 centimeters and we have succeeded in reducing the weight of the hat by 25%,” he explained.

A bear killed = a headdress

The boss has even already presented his project also to the General Staff, to Westminster and to British MPs. “Most MPs didn’t know that we were killing our own to make a hat. »

With a slaughtered animal, it is possible to design a unique hat for the guards of Buckingham Palace, according to the association PETA. The value of a headdress would be 2,000 euros. According The Independentthe government spent over £1million on bear fur hats between 2014 and 2019 or around £1.2million.

A sponsored petition

In England, the subject is topical. Last May, the association PETA had launched a petition so that bear fur would no longer be used. A text, which is still online, had found a significant echo. “There is no reason for the Ministry of Defense to continue to fund the killing of bears for the making of ceremonial headgear,” she argued, “since there is an indistinguishable, impermeable, bear-mimicking alternative. real bear fur in appearance and performance. »

On social networks, animal defenders are still bombarding Boris Johnson, the former English Prime Minister, and Liz Truss, who succeeded him on September 5, with messages. They use the hashtag #MoDGoFurFree.

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