the great abandonment of the mastiffs, martyred by delinquency

INVESTIGATION – American Staff, Rottweiler… The sometimes clandestine market for “dangerous” dogs is exploding. Abandoned by uninformed owners and by delinquency, they have few possibilities of being reinserted due to a disputed law.

It’s daily! Every day, panicked owners call us to collect their mastiff.The former police officer Stéphane Lamart is American. The founder of the eponymous association, animal protector, assures the Figaro that “shelters are full“of said dogs”dangerous“. “On a box a lot of molossoids in our boxes, some of whom are waiting for death because they cannot be reinstated“, also laments the president of the SPA Jacques-Charles Fombonne.

With more than 1,560 dogs, cats and ferrets entered into the pound each month in 2020, in the midst of a health crisis, France is one of the bad students of animal abandonment in Europe. And the molossers, these powerful beasts regularly accused of aggression, are among the most neglected canids. The American Staffordshire Terrier, or “Amstaff“, was thus in fourth place of the dogs most placed in the pound, with nearly 2000 individuals over the year, according to the organization for the Identification of carnivores

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