The Fleury-les-Aubrais municipal police dog handlers train every week

The municipal police of Fleury-les-Aubrais is not only made up of women and men. There are also dogs. “Canine auxiliaries” in administrative language. Namely four Malinois shepherds: Mike, 5 years old (40 kg); Paki, 3 years old; Lyroi, almost 8 years old; Neskro, 5 years old. And a Dutch shepherd: Paillette, 3 years old. They constitute a non-negligible strike force, including for the evening tranquility brigadeset up in November 2020, because Paki and Neskro are running with these patrols at staggered times.

An exercise linked to the refusal to comply

This Thursday afternoon, September 15, in the parking lot of the municipal technical center, a training session led by Nicolas, a dog handler from Orleans of the national police, makes it possible to measure that dogs, most often muzzled, are not there to amuse the field but to ensure the protection of the Fleuryssois police officers when they are in intervention. “He is a full-fledged, loyal colleague, whose faults I know“, Judge Sylvain, Mike’s master.

What results for the evening brigade of the municipal police, in Fleury-les-Aubrais?

For this extraordinary session, several scenarios have been imagined in order to highlight this animal strike force that leaves you singing when you see it at work for the first time. If only in the situation of the refusal to comply, highlighted by its media coverage. With Nicolas, harnessed so as not to suffer too much from the impact of canine attacks, in the role of the reassembled and twisted motorist. Faced with his threatening attitude, Mike’s intervention in the car allows him to be neutralized, without the police having to put themselves in danger.

Four hours of training per week

This Fleurys know-how, in which we can notably include reinforcement for colleagues and urban violencerequires a weekly training of four hours in order to be realized with all the situations with which the dogs and their owner can be confronted on the public road.

If the City of Fleury-les-Aubrais intends to keep this canine fiber, we will have to find a replacement for Nicolas who will soon join the ranks of the municipal police of Lorient. Just like Lyroi, the only dog ​​specializing in narcotics and banknoteswho goes with his mistress, Anne-Laure, to Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel.

Alexis Marie


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