the firefighters intervene, but they smoke afraid of what awaits them

Fire crews in East Cleveland, Ohio, USA have made a discovery they are not used to seeing every day in their line of work!

On June 18, a resident of a neighborhood in the city of East Cleveland alerted firefighters to report that a dog was exploring a rather dangerous place in the neighborhood, under extreme heat.

We must act quickly

The danger zone an old garage whose building had collapsed.

When the firefighters went to the scene, they discovered that it was in fact a mother dog who was watching her litter of… 9 puppies!

Firefighters also alerted the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter, and teams worked together to rescue endangered animals.

The female dog is nowhere to be found

However, a shadow remains on the board: the rescuers were able to rescue the 9 puppies, but alas they did not find the mother of the puppies.

The dog fled during the rescue, no doubt in fear of all the commotion. Rescuers are looking for him.

The puppies are currently cared for in the care of the shelter while waiting to be available for adoption.

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