the family has the DNA analyzed from a dog’s skull

Getting a start on the track would already be huge in this file that has been stalled for four years. After two years of investigation, justice gave up in January 2021 for lack of evidence. Not the family, supported by volunteers from the association Assistance and Search for Disappeared Persons (ARPD). “One of them contacted us in the spring to tell us that a couple aware of David’s disappearance had found this skull near the Adour, downstream from Urt where David disappeared, explains Sylvie Stévenin. . A veterinarian from the Nantes school kindly agreed to work on it free of charge. After several weeks of analysis, the result comes in mid-July. The rest would fit a 6 to 10 year old Australian Shepherd. “Race and age stick with Ioshy. “Remains to be confirmed with DNA.

David Stévenin disappeared in Urt, on the night of September 25 to 26, 2018.


Solidarity in action

“We launched an online kitty to help us finance the 630 euros quote,” explains Sylvie Stévenin. The sum is recalled in a few hours, between September 12 and 13. “It warms our hearts to be so supported. Each time, tears come to my eyes. “Since 2018, the Stévenins, established in Loire-Atlantique, can count on strong solidarity around the disappearance of David. On Facebook, each news of the family elicits dozens of reactions in support. An association was even formed in March 2022. This mobilization helped to finance an overview of the surroundings of Urt by helicopter in March 2021, the many posters posted regularly in the Basque Country, surveys of the Adour or to organize beaten with many volunteers.

The trace of David Stévenin, 31, is lost in the thread of a festive night, at the acquaintance who hosted him in Urt. He left the scene with his dog and his only wallet. No one saw him again. His remains, to this day, unexplained. Laura and Sylvie Stévenin, despite “reduced means” and a palpable sadness, have no intention of letting go. “Whatever the result, we decree one way or another,” says the mother. Always with the hope of one day getting an answer.

People with information about the disappearance of David Stévenin can contact 06 68 34 80 31 or by email at [email protected]

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