the family cat finds a means of communication to live with him

Satin has found a way to alert the blind dog to her presence.

Satin and Blaze are best friends. Yet this duo is very atypical. Blaze is a dog who went blind in 2020 and Satin is a cat who had to live with her friend’s disability.

A dog who went blind in 2020

It was in 2019 that Robin Wagner, the owner of Blaze discovered the vision problems of her canine that she had just adopted.

At the time, Blaze was said to be blind in one eye and had problems with the other eye.

The veterinarian will then propose an intervention to preserve the sight of the valid eye. Unfortunately, the dog became totally blind a few months later.

Satin had to get used to her classmate’s handicap. Initially, the poor cat was trampled by Blaze who had to learn to orient himself in an enclosed space.

A mode of communication for dogs and cats

As explained by the Metro UK site, which was able to interview the owner of the two animals, it took a few weeks of adaptation for the dog and the cat to find a way to communicate.

“The cat and the dog like to hang out in our bed with us. When Blaze jumped, Satin ran out of the room before getting stomped. But over time, we noticed that Satin stayed in her place and gave Blaze a nice loud meow. He would stop and walk around her”.

The cat then understood that this meow could also work in other places of the house. From now on, he uses this means of communication to inform his friend of his presence.

“Although she’s not the most affectionate and cuddly cat with us, she definitely tells Blaze that she loves him, and that’s the most beautiful thing to see.” »

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