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Dog left alone in a car at 60°C

In Bielefeld, a master left his dog alone in the car in scorching temperatures. And obviously, it was completely normal.

In Bielefeld, a city in Germany, in the northeast of North Rhine-Westphalia, a year ago, a master left his dog alone in the car in summer temperatures. When the police arrived, they were shocked by the man’s reaction.

Everyone should be aware that vehicles get very hot when the outside temperature is high and this is very dangerous. But obviously, not everyone seems to be aware of it yet.

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In mid-June, the Bielefeld police posted a photo on their Facebook page and it left everyone speechless.

Police release dog from vehicle

The photo shows a young police officer kneeling in front of a listless, panting dog she recently had to rescue from an extremely hot car. The dog’s paws are stretched out in front of him, he is lying next to the car with his neck outstretched and his muzzle panting.

The police had no choice but to break the car window to save the animal’s life. Immediately, the police and passers-by gave the poor animal something to drink, which fortunately survived.

The master intended to leave “only” 3 hours

When he returned to the scene, the master of the doggie explained that he only had to leave for three short hours for an important appointment. And obviously, he doesn’t find it shocking at all.

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