The Dyson V10 Animal sees its price drop by 100 euros, thanks to the sales

No need to hope anymore, Fnac has done it, the promotion you’ve been waiting for on the Dyson V10 Animal has finally arrived on the site for the 2022 summer sales.

The Dyson V10 Animal is a latest-generation stick vacuum cleaner that won’t hesitate to hunt down dust in the slightest setbacks without giving it a treat. You can now order it for 349 euros instead of 449 euros at Fnac. The economy has thus blithely reached 100 euros, enough to please you without feeling guilty.

In addition, it is a useful purchase since it will allow you to clean your home from top to bottom, so do not resist the 22% discount currently offered on the Fnac site. You’re probably tired of pulling a cumbersome, heavy water canister vacuum or having to keep vacuuming under furniture all the time. The revolution you need has finally arrived at the best price at Fnac, take advantage of it.

Dyson V10 Animal sales: discount not to be missed on the stick vacuum cleaner

This Dyson V10 Animal stick vacuum cleaner is only 349 euros instead of 449 euros at Fnac currently. It can last 35 minutes in standard mode and up to an hour in eco mode, so you will have all the time you need to clean your home from A to Z without missing a single spot. It allows you to remove dust and pet hair or even hair from hard floors and carpets or from fabrics such as sofas for a deep cleaning. But that’s not all, it transforms in the blink of an eye into a handheld vacuum cleaner for disconcerting ease of use even in confined areas such as drawers. You present three different suction modes Eco, Auto, and Boost to adjust according to the level of dirtiness of the room or area. The emptying is perfectly hygienic and without contact with dust. Once the cleaning is finished, you just have to put the vacuum cleaner on the wall-mounted docking station. It filters up to 99.97% of fine particles and dust as small as 0.3 microns.

The Dyson V10 Animal vacuum cleaner at the price of 349 euros instead of 449 euros at Fnac

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In partnership with Fnac Darty

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