The dog jumps on the slide, slides down again and again; the internet loves it

Dogs with their bizarre antics and playful tricks always keep us on our toes. Just take your pet for a walk and watch it jump for joy, waft through the queue as if stepping out on a sunny day is the best choice that ever happened to it. This viral video might give you the same impression. And if you are a dog lover, it will surely be a blessing for your eyes!

A popular social media account named Pubity posted an adorable video of an uncontrollably excited Labrador after realizing how much fun playground slides can be! β€œDog having the time of his life going down a slide,” read the appropriate tweet.

The short clip captures the pet black Labrador leaping to its feet, running almost like a cheetah, to climb a flight of stairs to reach the top of the slide. Once the dog has animated climbs to the top, it arches its legs forward, plunging down the winding zigzag slide, skidding in a hiss.

The lab doesn’t even stop when it reaches the bottom of the slide. Without wasting a moment, he sprints again to climb the stairs and enjoy the joyful ride for the second time. The video indicates that the dog may have slid down the slide several times before his owner likely had to drag the dog away from his favorite sport.

The now viral video provokes multiple heartwarming reactions from Internet users who expressed themselves in the comments. The amount of peace it gives me right now. Oh, sweetheart,” one user gushed. β€œThis one is not ready to go home anytime soon,” noted a second.

So far, the adorable video has provided over 1.4 million views, garnering 676 likes and counting. It’s not the first time dogs have been seen having fun in a playground. In another viral video, a toddler was seen helping a tiny puppy onto a wooden platform. The little-stepped puppy hops to a children’s slide and slides down, wagging and jumping for joy to experience the wonderful moment. Watch the video here:

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