The Disciplinary Committee will summon Antoine Kombouaré (Nantes) after his remarks against the arbitration

According to our information, the National Council of Ethics has decided to seize the Disciplinary Committee of the League following the comments made by Antoine Kombouaré against the referees of Nantes-Nice (1-1), Sunday. At the end of this meeting, the coach of the canaries exploded after the referee François Letexier made the choice not to whistle a penalty in favor of Nantes following a double hand from Mattia Vitti (21st) and to grant it another in Nice on a hand from Jean-Charles Castelletto, at the very end of the match, even though he was under the weight of Dante who was leaning on him.

“How do you want us to respect the referees, how do you want us to respect these guys?” […]he asked himself, furious. At halftime, when I see the images again, I tell myself that either I have shit in my eyes or it’s (the fourth referee) a thug, a mentor”.

He is expected to be heard on November 2

Before coming back to it, the next day in L’Équipe du Soir: “We talked about refereeing, VAR, but on Sunday I mostly saw dishonest people, continued Kombouaré. And I confirm. To err is human, I make mistakes every day in my work, it’s human. On the other hand, being able to lie to justify a decision, I cannot accept it. […] The referees are hermetic to any discussion. Mr. Garibian (the technical director of refereeing) says, “We mustn’t talk about cheating”. But when you have a dishonest person in front of you…”

“When a public actor, licensed to the FFF, says unpleasant things, which go beyond the reasonable, about a referee, in principle the union of referees reports the facts to the National Council of Ethics in case it does not has not heard himself, says Olivier Lamarre, president of SAFE, the union of elite football referees. We did it with Antoine Kombouaré, as we have done many times since the start of the season. The president of the CNE, who takes his charge to heart, answers us systematically and he told us that he was transmitting to the disciplinary committee. »

The National Council of Ethics has therefore decided to seize the Disciplinary Committee of the LFP to summon the coach of FC Nantes. A priori, it should be heard next Wednesday, November 2. Antoine Kombouaré risks several suspension matches.


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