the detention permit has entered into force


Introduced in 2019 by the Walloon Code of Animal Welfare detention, the permit for the number of pets became effective on July 1, 2022. An adaptation period had been activated until the end of September 2022 .

Until now, everyone tacitly had this permit. It could be removed in case of mistreatment of an animal.

Since 1uh July 2022, it is necessary to present an extract from the central environmental crime and animal welfare file to acquire (buy, adopt or receive) a pet.

This extract, issued by the municipal administration, indicates that the person is not subject to a ban on possession or deprived of his license to keep a pet, these two penalties can be pronounced both by a judge and by a sanctioning official.

Businesses, shelters and breeders must ask anyone who wishes to adopt, buy or receive a pet to provide this central file extract.

For what types of animals?

By pet, we mean all breeds of dogs, cats, horses in the context of a hobby, birds, hamsters, mice, fish, hens in the context of a hobby, turtles, reptiles and NAC, rabbits, ferrets and goats.

If, on the other hand, the acquisition of the animal is made purely for purposes (purchaser registered, for example, with the Banque Carrefour de Entreprises), the permit is not required.

How to obtain this document?

For people domiciled in Wallonia

The extract from the central file is currently issued by the municipality.

Work is underway to allow, within a few months, a systematic digital delivery, even if access to a paper document obviously remains possible for people who wish, via the municipal counter.

For people not domiciled in Wallonia

Persons domiciled outside Wallonia but wishing to buy or adopt an animal in the Region must contact the Service Public de Wallonie to receive the document:

  • by email via the address [email protected] (active from 1uh July)
  • or by post to the address: Public Service of Wallonia – General Director of SPW Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment – Avenue Prince de Liège 15 – 5100 Jambes.

The application contains the surname and first name of the applicant, his national register number and his home address. The extract is then delivered within a maximum period of 2 weeks.

Adaptation period until September 30, 2022

In order to facilitate the implementation of this provision for citizens, municipalities, businesses, shelters and pet farms, an adaptation period has been provided until September 30, 2022. effective validity of the device being scheduled for 1uh October 2022.

The adaptation period made it possible to analyze feedback from the field in order to refine the practical methods. These various exchanges result in relaxations in the practical implementation of the measure:

  • From 1uh October, the period of validity of the permit is set at 1 year for species whose nature or method of keeping may involve regular purchases. This concerns fish and birds, including poultry.
  • For all traders and shelters, the register of purchases or adoptions which includes the reference of the central file extract will be simplified and the data retention period will be reduced from 5 to 2 years.

To learn more about measurement, consult the Frequently Asked Questions online or in PDF format.

Ministerial circular relating to the detention permit

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