the detention permit becomes effective as of July 1


Introduced in 2019 by the Walloon Animal Welfare Code, the permit for a pet becomes effective as of July 1, 2022. Concretely, what does this mean?

Until now, everyone tacitly had this permit. It could be removed in case of mistreatment of an animal.

From 1uh July 2022, it will be necessary to present an extract from the central file of environmental delinquency and animal welfare to acquire (buy, adopt or receive) a pet.

This excerpt establishes that the person is not subject to a ban on possession or deprived of his license to keep a pet, these two penalties can be imposed both by a judge and by a sanctioning official.

Businesses, shelters and breeders will have to ask anyone who wishes to adopt, buy or receive a pet to provide an extract from the central file.

How to obtain this document?

The extract from the central file will be issued by the municipality.

For people who do not have a residence in Wallonia, this extract can be requested by mail (simple or registered) from the Director General of the SPW Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment. Address: Avenue Prince de Liège 7 – 5100 Jambes.

Businesses, shelters and breeding farms must keep a register of purchases or adoptions which will include the reference of the extract from the central file and keep the said extract in the appendix for 5 years. On simple request, they must be able to present this register to the control services.

To learn more about measurement, see the Frequently Asked Questions

Ministerial circular explaining how to obtain the extract from the central file available on the website

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