The cultural choices of the “Point”: listening to nature in Paris or literature in Manosque?

Get rid of the stepmothers

Rachel, a childless literature teacher, falls in love with Ali, an automotive engineer and father hen of four-year-old Leïla, whom he has every other week. What haven’t we read, seen, written, on the role of the mother-in-law, never beautiful, hysterical and whom we hate on principle? It’s all the art of Rebecca Zlotowski (Belle épine, Planetarium, Grand Central, An easy girl), to finally give the leading role – and not the least – to the woman in the shadows. Farewell to the Disney stepmother, the extra, the father thief, in rivalry with the mother and at war with the children. In Other people’s children, moving from beginning to end, the director has fun deconstructing one by one the stereotypes for explorers, with a consoling gentleness, the flaws, the wounds, the misunderstandings and the ambiguity of the desire for motherhood. Virginie Efira is a beautiful omnipresent on the screens, Rebecca Zlotowski offers her here one of her most beautiful roles.

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Originally, the director planned to adapt Romain Gary’s novel, Beyond this limit, your ticket is no longer valid, before changing its tune and focusing instead on the story of a woman who fears her drop in fertility, this expiry date which will make her a “nowhere”. “At a time when we talk so much about the power of women, we must also look at their impotence”, confided the filmmaker who became a mother at 41, presenting her film in competition at the Venice Film Festival. In this Kramer versus Kramer of the mother-in-law, carried by a moving Efira-Zem-Mastroianni trio, Zlotowski pays a vibrant tribute to women who do not have children – whether wanted or not – and who have chosen to donate their love to those of others.

“The Children of Others”, by Rebecca Zlotowski, indoors.

Listen to nature sing

“The great sound bestiary…” The subtitle of the exhibition* currently proposed by the Philharmonie de Paris (in partnership with the Natural History Museum) sums up its purpose well. His ambition is indeed to make us hear the animal kingdom. From the song of whales to the chirping of insects, from the vocalizations of birds to the ultra-sounds of bats, the scores played by the species that make up the world’s fauna are extraordinarily rich. Through 150 works and objects of art, the music museum invites us to discover the melodies, more or less harmonious, composed by animals. Listen up now! Tomorrow it may be too late. As explained by the director of the museum, Marie-Pauline Martin, the bio-acoustician, Jérôme Sueur, and Jean-Hubert Martin, the three commissioners of this exhibition, 50% of biodiversity has been silent for 50 years. What awaits us is the great silence.

*Animal music, at the Philharmonie de Paris, until January 29, 2023.

Living literature in Manosque

Les Correspondances de Manosque, a pioneering festival in the art and ambition of sharing letters in a lively way, offers this year its 24e editing. Dialogues between writers, public readings rewarded by actors, setting to music of literary works… From the streets of the Provençal city to its cinema, from the Carzou foundation to the Raffin hotel via the Herbès media library, Manosque will be, from September 21 to 25, the city where the book is embodied. On the program of the event, including Point is a partner of big names in the literary season, such as Alain Mabanckou, Grégoire Bouillier, Lola Lafon, Yannick Haenel or Olivier Adam, but also the new feathers of this season: Polina Panassenko, Maria Larrea, Émilienne Malfatto… Open your eyes, but especially your ears, to the prestigious readings which will be given in public: texts by Frida Khalo by Anne Alwaro, the correspondence between François Truffaut and his dear writers (Jean Genet, Louise de Vilmorin, Ray Bradbury…) by the actor Nicolas Bouchaud, the already cult Dear asshole by Virginie Despentes by Anna Mouglalis… And the words are also expressed in music: the great Arthur H. will set to melody the writings of the singer-poet Jim Morrison. Do you want to move into literature? The Correspondances de Manosque offer, depending on whether you feel in a creative, adventurous or lazy mood, writing workshops, literary walks (or hikes!), but also naps against a backdrop of gentle reading. Something to vibrate a whole weekend in tune with words.

The correspondence of Manosque. From September 21 to 25. Online ticket office:

Diving into the fires of the 14-18 war

The nurse, the nun, the prostitute and the entrepreneur. They are four. Four women to hold it top of the poster for the TF1 event mini-series, The Fighters. To embody these reckless heroines, the first channel called on Audrey Fleurot (all haloed by the success of HPI)Sandra Lou and Julie de Bona, the three actresses of Charity Bazaar, the miniseries, by associating them with another in-house actress, Sophie Essaïdi. This romantic saga at will, against a backdrop of the Great War, spares neither its characters abused by life nor the viewers swept away in an incessant flow of twists and turns. Polished images, sumptuous sets and costumes, TF1 did not skimp on the means to concoct these 6 episodes, pre-purchased by Netflix. Do not sulk your pleasure, whether it is guilty or not.

“Les Combattantes”, every Monday on TF1

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Celebrate Latin cinema in Biarritz

It is the reference of Latin American cinema in France and it takes place in Biarritz, a city which has strong similarities with the great Argentine seaside resort of Mar del Plata. The Biarritz Latin America festival, the FBAL, will take place next week, from Monday September 26 to Sunday October 2, with a very fine selection of documentaries and short films from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Cuba. After two editions judged by some to be a little too “elitist”, the programmer Jean-Christophe Berjon has taken up the dreams of the cultural event. On the eve of the presidential election which will oppose Lula on October 2, back to outgoing President Bolsonaro, the spotlight will be on Brazil. In particular, there will be a retrospective on the cinema of this country, two documentaries in competition and debates organized by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Latin America. Among the most intriguing films in the selection, Las Delicias by Eduardo Crespo follows children who live in an agro-technical school and are trained in agricultural tasks, and Luminum, by Maximiliano Schonfeld, a poetic documentary about a mother and a daughter who investigate UFOs. Festival-goers could discover a preview of the latest feature film by the very good Argentine director Diego Lerman, which evokes the situation in Chile, whose population has just rejected the constitutional change proposed by the left-wing president Gabriel Boric. The Brazilian jazz-funk group Azimuth will perform a concert on September 28 on the Gare du Midi stage. Let’s go!

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