The corgi, the “royal” dog that is attracting more and more English

It’s been a real phenomenon across the Channel since the death of Elizabeth II. Sales of corgis are rebounding in the UK. A breed made famous by the sovereign who has always offered these dogs looking like stuffed animals with their small paws and pointed ears.

Based in the Yonne department, Jocelyne Thomas is a racing specialist. She knows all about these little dogs that she has offered for sale in her kennel La Caverne des Anges since the 1980s. At that time, however, corgis were virtually unknown in France.

Corgis births explode

“People in France didn’t know the Corgi at all,” says Jocelyne. “It was not uncommon to stay with dogs that were 10 or 11 months old and remained unsold. But in the last 5 years, it has exploded, in particular thanks to the advertising made by cinema and television with series like “NCIS” or the cartoon “Royal Corgi”. And especially in recent months with the jubilee and then the death of the queen! »

To analyze the phenomenon, it suffices, according to Jocelyne, to look at the figures of the central canine society. In 2011, there were a hundred births for the Pembroke breed (not to be confused with the Cardigan). In 2021, this figure was multiplied by 10 with more than 1000 births!

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