the confirmation of a novice in a hostile environment

“His re-election will allow some to no longer see him as an accident” , slips Carole Bossard-Gautier, ex-substitute for MP Denis Masséglia (LREM). “Many underestimated him” , adds Xavier Coiffard, responsible for the MoDem in Cholet.

Toisé for five years by the various right mayor Gilles Bourdouleix, who has constantly fueled his trial by “incompetence” and in “transparency” , Denis Masséglia, the 41-year-old ex-novice, suspended himself from his position until his re-election in the 5e constituency of Maine-et-Loire (Cholet) Sunday 19 June.

” I am very honored, did he declare. It rewards five years of daily work with our fellow citizens, to try to support them as best as possible. Five years of making complicated decisions on a national scale to find the answers to the Covid-19 crisis or the Ukrainian crisis. Here we go again for five years, which I will continue to do with our fellow citizens, with a lot of will, work, to try to bring the necessary reforms to the country. »

With 60.76% of the vote, he left no chance for the united left candidate Christophe Airaud (Nupes) who won 39.24% of the vote.

In 2017, taking advantage of the Macron wave, the mechanical engineer (on availability from the company Thales) was acclaimed for the first time, to everyone’s surprise, in this right-wing stronghold confiscated for almost half a century. by the mayors of Cholet.

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“He did not fall into the trap”

“Moving from Thales to the National Assembly is unusual. He embodies renewal, he is not a son of , notes Xavier Coiffard. He worked in a hostile climate and he largely did the job. He did not fall into the trap set by Gilles Bourdouleix. When he was prevented from speaking or being present at demonstrations, he might have rebelled or become discouraged, but it slipped away from him. »

In five years, Denis Masséglia, who entered politics through the themes of industry and digital technology, learned the codes, forged a network in Paris, surprised his own entourage, who described him as a “hard worker”, “humble, discreet, but efficient” , favoring “listening”, “the argument” and “the search for consensus”.

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Even if it means not showing enough or letting people know what he is doing, opening up as many breaches used by his opponents. Who gladly qualify it as “puppet” in front of his unfailing loyalty to the Macronist majority.

His oratory skills remain to be perfected. “Denis is not a tribune. But he has already won a lot” , concedes Louis Roquebert, leader of the local committee of LREM.

His residence outside the constituency (near Angers) is his Achilles heel, on which even supported some of his Cholet comrades. “I understand it, because it is for family reasons, but I regret it” , points out Carole Bossard-Gautier, with whom relations were refreshed during the municipal elections in 2020.

“His pugnacity surprised me”

The former substitute applauds, however: “His pugnacity surprised me. He is a very simple and humane person. Of modest origin, he knows where he comes from. There was a lot of knocking on his door and he tried to do his best for the territory. I can only admire. »

This Sunday evening like the previous one, Denis Masséglia exchanged and posed alongside his rival from 2e tour, Christophe Airaud (Nupes). “He respects his opponents. Since 1995, I had never seen that in Cholet” , emphasizes Xavier Coiffard.

Legislative 2022 in Cholet. Denis Masséglia re-elected: the confirmation of a novice in a hostile environment

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