The collective of organizations in the fight attentive to a bill calling for the repeal of the vaccination obligation

It is a bill that gives hope to suspended caregivers. Senator Les Républicains Sylviane Noël tabled, on June 16, a bill on the repeal of the vaccination obligation for nursing staff and firefighters. A project that finds an echo in Guadeloupe where the collective of organizations in struggle wants to show that the mobilization continues.

The Covid-19 epidemic is on the rise in the Guadeloupe archipelago. According to the latest figures published by the Regional Health Agency of Guadeloupe and the prefecture, between June 13 and June 21, 2022, the number of new positive cases detected in the territory is 2,911, according to the authorities.

An increase in cases which raised fears of an impact on the hospital. Do the health services in need of caregivers call on the suspended?

This could be the solution, for Sylviane Noël. Senator Les Républicains tabled, on June 16, a bill on the repeal of the vaccination obligation for nursing staff and firefighters.

An approach that revives the debate, particularly in Guadeloupe where caregivers are still subject to sanctions.

The collective of organizations in struggle mobilized since last July, against the vaccination obligation of caregivers included this Thursday morning a press conference, in front of the university hospital center of Guadeloupe, following this bill which intervenes, almost a year after the birth of the movement.

This is something that surprises us a little, insofar as since July 17, 2021, we have been fighting against this vaccination obligation.

Claudine Maraton, general secretary of UTS-UGTG

In Guadeloupe, the vaccination obligation had led, as soon as it was put in place, to the suspension of 1,150 people out of the 17,500 who had to submit to it.

For the senator, in the explanatory memorandum to the proposal, “IMaintaining this discriminatory measure will deal a fatal and irreversible blow“to the health system”already terribly experienced“Especially, she explains, these caregivers”have chosen to exercise, like all other French people, their free choice with regard to this vaccine“.

This is also what the UTS-UGTG has been hammering for several months.

The bill presented by fifteen LR and Center senators, including the senator of Saint-Martin, Annick Pétrus, will then go through the Social Affairs Committee box. Sylviane Noël, who is the author, intends to convene the presidency of the Senate so that it is included on the agenda, as soon as possible.

To be promulgated, this bill will have to follow a path and pass in particular to the National Assembly. But Claudine Marathon affirms it, no particular expectation.

Regarding the government, the deputies, we expect nothing. If we had waited, we would not be in the fight, we would have already capitulated. The workers would have already been stung, they would have returned to work. And even the population would have followed this path.

Claudine Maraton, UTS-UGTG general secretary

The text promises to restore the staff concerned to the state of progress they had before their suspension, but does not include the payment of wages not received for several months.

As a reminder, in an interview granted at the beginning of the month, Emmanuel Macron announced that the suspended caregivers would be reinstated after the green light from the Scientific Council.

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