the city is looking for its flock of sheep… on the run after a dog attack in Semnoz

Who came across the Semnoz sheep? After an unleashed dog attack on the massif, a flock of sheep fled… and these are the 12 sheep from the city of Annecy, which runs eco-grazing in the area, the municipality said in a statement on Tuesday. Of the 12 sheep in the municipal herd, for the moment only 2 animals were found. The dog attack occurred at the Parc de la Grande Jeanne.

The city is issuing a search notice to hikers: the sheep are of the Thônes et Marthod breed, a rather rustic Savoyard breed of sheep, they have white and black wool, horns, and yellow identification rings on their ears, one of them is completely black.

“If you crisscross the Semnoz up and down, often off the beaten track, during walks, trails, mountain bikes… and if you see them, do not approach so as not to frighten them who could scare them away, specify the city. You have to contact the animal at or emergency service from the city of Annecy (the general guard) at

Obligation to keep your dog on a leash: what does the law say?

The city of Annecy reminds that dogs must “mandatory and at all times” be kept on a leash in the Parc de la Grande Jeanne “So that they don’t frighten the animals”. A decree of March 16, 1955 also requires dogs to be kept on a leash. “outside the forest paths during walks in the woods and forests during the wildlife breeding season, from April 15 to June 30”. Anyone violating these rules is liable to a fine.

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