The city and the SPA denounce the puppy show

The towns of Haut-Rhin and the puppy show, episode two. As last December in Colmar, a new town hall denounced the holding of such an event in its agglomeration. It’s happening this time in Mulhouse, four days before the meeting organized next Saturday and Sunday.

“A puppy is not a commodity to buy but an animal to adopt! “, wrote yesterday the city councilor Michèle Lutz (Les Républicains) in a press release written with the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA). They denounce “the purchase of opportunity” which would take place, according to them, “in this kind of meeting”. “Families succumb to the ‘too cute’ effect and often forget that they are committing for years and that it will take time and investment to care for the animal… will become too constrained (leaving on vacation, food costs, sterilization care, etc.), they will part with it”, still judges the assistant Catherine Rapp.

An outing that recalls the positions taken by the mayor of Colmar at the end of 2021. “Puppies are not toys! I personally considered that these sales are scandalous”, then wrote on his Facebook page the elected LR, committing to “prohibit the organization of fairs such as this one during the renewal of the delegation of the public service of the Park Exhibitions in 2027”.

“A minimum of 700 euros per puppy, people are thinking”

This weekend in Mulhouse, the puppy show should also take place at the Parc des Expositions. Joint parity 20 minutes, the organizer, who has signed contracts, does not intend to give up. “I don’t want to get into controversy, everyone has the right to think what they want,” reacts the legal representative of Event’s com. Kevin Blaison admits it, he finds it difficult to understand the accusations aroused by his appointment.

“Shows of this type have existed for twenty-five years, with only professional breeders with numerous approvals. They tell us about compulsive shopping but it seems to me that at a minimum of 700 euros per puppy, people think a little… In addition, there is an entrance fee! Don’t tell me either that the buyers all then abandon their animals, which are identified. Yes, unfortunately there are abandonments but it is not linked to the shows. »

Also contacted, the Mulhouse SPA reiterates its opposition to the event. “To adopt, you can go to shelters or local breeders, insists its director Georges Azar. There, the breeders come first to sell because they have paid for their place and are in a hurry. They don’t take the time to explain everything. »

The manager thus remembers an extreme case, “happened four years ago”. “A lady bought a puppy at 11 a.m. and dropped her off at 4 p.m. Since June 1, his branch has collected 131 dogs.

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