the chilling testimony of Paul Pogba

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The more the days pass, the more the details of the dark Pogba affair filter through the press. This Monday, The world reveals new elements that are chilling about Paul Pogba (29), the world champion playing at Juventus being the victim of an extortion attempt in which his older brother Mathias is particularly involved.

The daily published an excerpt from Paul Pogba’s testimony dated August 9, evoking the evening of March 19, 2022, on the sidelines of a gathering of the France team in Clairefontaine (friendly matches against Côte d’Ivoire and South Africa). After spending time with a childhood friend in Roissy-en-Brie (Seine-et-Marne), the city where he grew up, the French midfielder is preparing to return home around midnight when several friends from his neighborhood take him to an apartment in Chanteloup-en-Brie, still in the 77.

“Shut up, look down”

Arriving at the scene, where he will be held until 4 a.m., Paul Pogba is ordered to turn off his phone, which even goes so far as to be confiscated from him, always explains The world. Two hooded men, dressed in bulletproof vests and heavily armed, then aim the Pickaxe. It was at this time that Roushdane K. claimed the sum of €13m (including €3m in cash) as payment for the protection Paul Pogba allegedly provided for several years. The former Manchester United player then explains to the investigators what he replied to his captors.

I was scared, he remembers at first. Both guys pointed their guns at me. Suddenly, being pointed like this under threat, I told them that I was going to pay. They were shouting, “Shut up, look down.” (…) One of the two hooded spoke in Roushdane’s ear. When the hooded guys leave, Roushdane told me that I had to pay them, otherwise we were all in danger », Reports The world. And Pogba to continue. “Roushdane explained that what had just happened is normal when you are a famous football player. But that I had to pay because in addition, he had acted as guarantor. »

A story of big money

One of the four other suspects indicted, in addition to Mathias Pogba, also indicted and imprisoned in the process, would then have threatened the French international to reveal in broad daylight the contents of a USB key on which would be proof of the payment of a marabout to throw a tri to his opponents and to Kylian Mbappé. As revealed recently, the bank of Paul Pogba, suspicious, had prevented the latter from paying his blackmailers.

The world we learn on the other hand that the tricolor star had €200,000 stolen from him in a year and a half in England by his trusted man, a certain Mamadou M. Paul Pogba would also have made several transfers (we are talking about several tens of thousands euros) to two of the suspects indicted, again according to the daily. The Pogba affair is still far from over, while the Juventus player has been placed under police protection in Italy.

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