the Catalan press kneels again in front of Ousmane Dembélé

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One but and three assists. Suffice to say that Sunday evening, during the reception of Athletic, Ousmane Dembélé managed to show his most beautiful face. Facing a strong team this season, coached by former home Ernesto Valverde, Dembouz again made everyone agree, he who has been regularly praised since the start of the season by the Catalan media. Sacred face circumference as wrestling fans would say, since a few months ago it was regularly revised and was even often the scapegoat of the media and fans…

In a slightly different configuration, Xavi having this time tried a system with four midfielders, the former Stade Rennais managed to be decisive four times, allowed permanent danger against Basques who were clearly not not prepared. But above all, and this has been a constant since the start of the season, Dembélé has very often made the right choice in the last meters. Something to delight the local media, like Mundo Deportivowho underlines that he is the third best European passer in 2022 with 15 assists, only ahead of Messi (19) and Kevin De Bruyne (16).

His best match with Barça?

The media even speaks of a “Anthological Dembele”, giving him a nice 10/10 in the notes of the meeting. On every action, he did the right thing. ‘A perfect game’adds the local newspaper. sport also gives him the best score in the game with a 9/10, and a number of substantial articles about him, where Xavi is notably given reason for having had blind faith in him. The Camp Nou crowd also rewarded him with a standing ovation when he was substituted in the second half.

Xavi was logically delighted after the game, but he also took the opportunity to confirm that he expects the Frenchman to be at this level in all games. “Dembele has days when he is thicker and others when he is stellar, like today. What he has to do is be stellar every day”, launched the Catalan. The message got through.

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