the case closed without further action in the Drôme

This is the end of a long conflict between naturalists and hunters, some accusing the other of having killed this wolf in the Drôme. In fact, it all starts with a GPS collar discovered in January 2021 in Plan-de-Baix in the south of Vercors. This is the collar with which a wolf collected in Valberg in the Alpes-Maritimes had been fitted six months earlier, cared for and then released into the wild. As do young wolves without a pack, the animal then traveled for miles in search of a territory to settle.

The Wolf’s GPS Collar Wasn’t Cut

But in the Drôme, it is not the wolf that is found, just its collar. And near the home of a naturalist. Suspicion has settled among the defenders of the wolves: what if hunters had killed the animal and placed this collar in plain sight, as a provocation?

In fact, there is no evidence of human intervention. At the request of the public prosecutor, the National Scientific Police Service (SNPS) of Ecully near Lyon appraised the coalman. The latter was not severed by a cutting instrument. It would have in fact torn off during a shock. And the tracer had been in the grass for more than two months when it was discovered, making it very difficult to find clues. “The investigation therefore did not allow us to characterize any human intervention” the prosecutor said in a statement. “The Valencian public prosecutor’s office has decided on a classification without further action for lack of infringement” concluded Laurent de Caigny.

Is the Valberg wolf alive or dead today? Now that there is no more GPS around the neck, the mystery remains. Hunters thought it was then flashed with one of their automatic cameras in October 2021. But there is no evidence that it is this particular animal.

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