the camera reveals a thief like no other


Elise Petter

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More and more people are using delivery services so they can have lunch or dinner at home, without having to go out. Roseilson Melo is a delivery man for a Brazilian restaurant.

Accustomed to meal delivery, Roseilson Melo had a surprise during a delivery recipe.

A petty thief

That day, Roseilson Melo parks in front of his client’s house so he can deliver his meal. The time to ring the doorbell, Roseilson Melo turns his back on his scooter. When he returns to look for the meal to be delivered, he finds nothing.

Perplexed, the delivery man returned to the restaurant and it is finally a security camera that will explain this mystery.

On the video, we discover that the food actually fell out of the bag. At the same time, a wandering dog came by and picked up the little bag which smelled visibly very good.

Far from being annoyed by the situation, Roseilson Melo was able to meet the rogue dog to whom he gave a hug. Without resentment.

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