The “bug” side of Jo Cormier

“We are animals and we forget that too often”. Jo Cormier is convinced of this, and it is moreover the vein of his very first one man show entitled Animal. The comedian from Bécancour, more precisely from Gentilly, thus realizes his dream of a little guy who was to go on stage.

It is with this same little guy from Gentilly that Le Courrier Sud spoke, and it is this same little guy that the spectators will meet in show: authentic, without filter and with a straight talk.

“I still come from the “3” of Gentilly, so I have a good country side, launches the comedian from the outset. I’m pretty direct, it’s mind-blowing, but I think I don’t fall into vulgarity. I’ve already been told that I would swear a lot, but that, I don’t give a damn! “, he says, laughing.

Jo Cormier takes the opportunity to open a parenthesis on his perception of coronations: “Of course I respect people who think that coronations are coronations, but we are the ones who invented those words! We invented coronations to never say them, it’s still screwed up when you think about it! “, he believes.

We can therefore expect to hear a few coronations in his show. “It’s good old Jo. It’s almost as if you arrived at our house, in the “3” of Gentilly in the afternoon, “he says.

Animal draws a portrait of the human being while comparing him to the animal, whether in his social life, his sexuality, his conscience or sports. “The whole show is focused on the human through his perception of being human,” explains the comedian. He therefore offers a series of comical observations and far-fetched theories.

The first one man show by Jo Cormier offers very few downtimes. “Some people tell me that it feels good, others that it makes you think, and that I talk a lot for 1h30! I say I say a lot of words per second, so you’ll get what you pay for! I have to learn to take breaks, because it’s going too fast! Some are running in to find jokesI am running in to find the moment when farmer my eyes“, launches the Bécancourois with humor.

The poster for her show is also very evocative, a poster on which Jo Cormier is surrounded by an amalgam of animals, including a disproportionately large shrimp. “I find it funny to represent just about every class of animal. Imagine prawns being that big! We would probably be afraid to eat them! They would seem less delicious, and more suspicious! says Jo Cormier.

The show Animal by Jo Cormier will be presented on August 24, 25, 26 and 27 in the Anaïs-Allard-Rousseau room at the Maison de la culture.

“I’m going to take care of you, because my goal is to have fun!” I’ve been performing because it’s been my passion since I was young. Trust me for an hour and a half! Don’t be fooled by the side bugit’s a show for everyone,” concluded Jo Cormier.

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