the Bort-les-Orgues site in Corrèze in great difficulty

The sub-prefecture announced on October 20 the forthcoming formal notice to the Bortois animal shelter if it does not find a solution to bring the structure up to standard. As of December 31, the shelter, which also provides the town’s pound services, will only be able to accommodate 9 dogs. An obligation impossible to manage for the association and the municipality which collect several dozen animals each year.

The concert of barking is at the rendezvous. In the concrete and mesh boxes, 18 dogs give voice.

18 is twice too many for the veterinary services who came to inspect the Refuge animalier bortois a year ago.

Reported reason: Major non-conformity on several points examined by the State services. The report made since is without appeal.

Unsuitable for housing so many animals, the only refuge in Haute-Corrèze haven’t found a solution since. And yet, on Thursday, the decision of the sub-prefecture fell: from January 1, 2023, only 9 dogs can be cared for on the site. Leaving the association and the commune with an unsolvable equation to solve.

As a reminder, mayors are responsible for stray animals present in their municipalities. It is up to them to have or sign an agreement with a pound. Either the pound is under municipal management, or it is an association or a private structure with which the municipality delegates a public service.

“The municipalities have become accustomed to the service provided by the Bortois refuge. If we reason in relation to what was the radius of action of the refuge, of course, we cannot operate in the same way” laments Eric Ziolo, Mayor of Bort-les-Orgues.

Reduce the scope of action of the association which issued nearlyabout thirty agreements with neighboring municipalities and transferring the pound competence to them is simply impossible.

“We are offered a pound service only provided by the Bortoise municipality, in collaboration with the shelter, but the influx of dogs remains the same as in the past. We know how it works until now: the non-conventioned municipalities use The association will not be able to finance a pound service at the level of Haute-Corrèze for a single municipality “explains Alexandre Chauvet, president of the Bortois animal shelter.

Forced to break the agreements with the municipalities, the association loses nearly €30,000, the equivalent of the veterinary costs of 200 dogs recovered each year.

If this solution is no longer viable, the community of communes plans to use a private service provider, even if it will cost the taxpayer more.

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