the “boa constrictor” seen at Parc Pastré was finally a snake

This Sunday morning, the town hall alerted to the presence of a boa constrictor in one of the basins of Parc Pastré, on the equestrian center side. Eventually, firefighters identified the animal as a grass snake.

More fear than harm. This Sunday morning, the City of Marseille announced that a boa constrictor was seen in the second basin of Parc Pastré, on the equestrian center side.

The town hall then backpedaled, stating that it may have been a big viper. The firefighters finally established that the animal does not present any danger.

A species harmless to humans

Called on the spot, the marine firefighters crisscrossed the sector with the canine brigade. They finally managed to identify the animal: it is actually a grass snake.

“A snake that evolves in its natural environment”, explains the first master Damien, group leader of the operation, at the microphone of BFM Marseille Provence. He also recalls that this species does not represent any danger for humans, “if we do not come to annoy it”.

Sunday, several passers-by were able to see the animal, in particular in a tree trunk full of water. On Facebook, a walker described a snake “long as an arm”, with a “green head”.

The security perimeter and beacon installed by city officials could therefore be removed. Since the grass snake is not poisonous to humans, there was no need to capture the snake.

The pool remains open to the public. On Twitter, Jean-Pierre Cochet, deputy mayor of Marseille in charge of civil security, nevertheless congratulated the inhabitants for having “had the right reflex” by immediately calling the municipal authorities.

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